Cloud CCTV

Example of Devices that Assist with the use of Cloud CCTV

One Integrated Physical Security Platform

Imagine all your building and security products on a single cloud-managed platform, accessible from anywhere on any device. At Teltrac we achieve this through Cloud CCTV.

Integrate insights across the entire suite of Verkada products. Command is a cloud-managed platform built with an easy-to-use software interface available both via web and mobile apps.

Simplify Security at scale

  • simple to use and maintain
  • scales with ease
  • simple to secure
  • continuously getting smarter
  • one seamless platform

and empower teams with an intuitive user interface, easily accessible from a mobile app and web browser.

Centralize all devices on one easy-to-use interface. Easily provision users across multiple locations, while eliminating complexity with Command’s intelligent automation.

From two-factor authentication to automatic software patches, Verkada’s system architecture is designed to reduce inherent vulnerabilities, keep data safe and evolve with threats.

Verkada leverages powerful, edge-based analytics to deliver enterprise security with a software-first mentality. Unlike a hardware device that is always amortizing, Verkada’s solution is always getting better.

Each of our products is intuitive and powerful in its own right – but connected together on the Command platform, they provide best-in-class capabilities to protect people and places.

Example of the connectivity of devices with Cloud CCTV


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