Teltrac have a high level of expertise with CCTV systems, designing solutions to meet your requirements. We are a partner of many key brands – Milestone, Bosch, Hanwha and Hikvision. We design the solution to suit the customers requirements. We don’t push any particular brand and are flexible with customers needs.

CCTV is great for security, gathering factual footage that can be used to identify issues and inefficiencies in your business, and can be used by authorities as evidence if required. CCTV deters negative behaviors from happening in the first instance through its presence, and is also a great source of many forms of analytical information.

CCTV has now long been used for surveillance purposes and this is a primary focus for many of our customers, however the growth areas of CCTV is the use of cameras as a sensor for:

  • People counting
  • Facial recognition
  • Queue wait time measurement
  • Heat mapping of retail floor space
  • License plate recognition

CCTV solutions by Teltrac are perfect for businesses that want video surveillance of their property, plant, premises. Departments that can also benefit from the analytics – marketing, building managers, IT, Security, and health and safety.

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