Building Automation

Building automation through connectivity

Building Automation is used in modern commercial buildings to ensure all systems work harmoniously together. This means designing and producing a system that, for example, has lighting talking to the HVAC, which links to Air Quality which in turn links to security etc. This creates efficiencies so systems don’t fight against each other and field devices can be shared between multiple systems such as sensors.

This is the perfect solution for any business or commercial building owner wanting:

  • To monitor a site from one application
  • Create an efficient building
  • Create operational efficiencies through peace of mind for staff
  • The ability to see exactly the state of all services within their building in a snapshot
  • Energy Management of the entire site

Teltrac can create a custom user interface tailored to your requirements. We can modify menu structures, aesthetics, easily add information in the future all to ensure the system is intuitive and easy to use. The solution can be included as part of a managed service to reduce capital expenditure.

Showcase of automation through remote observation
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