Internet of Things

What is the Internet of Things (Iot)?

The Internet of Things or IoT, consists of many varied sensors and appliances all connected through a network allowing for information to be gathered, received, and acted upon. This in turn provides more accurate information resulting in higher efficiencies and cost reductions to name but a few benefits.

Many of our customers see the benefit of IOT however do not have the time or ability to implement this. Teltrac can supply IoT as a service and be a one stop shop. At Teltrac we can source, supply and install the sensors. We can supply the platform to gather all information from the sensors. We can even manage the platform for our customers and only alert the customer when required.

Most customers interested in IoT have various use cases which they require solutions for. Most suppliers specialise in a few types of sensors only or just the platform to manage and monitor the IOT devices. Inevitably, a customer needs to source the sensors and platform from multiple suppliers and then contract in another company to install and commission them. Once commissioned someone then needs to manage the sensors and act on their alerts.

Its quite a big job for a customer to do all of the above and we are commonly told that they do not have the time or spare resources to put towards the project. Teltrac can make it easy for the customer by doing the lot. We can source the required sensors and platform, install the gear, and even manage the devices for the customer simply supplying them with weekly or monthly reports and advising them when an alert condition is raised.

Manufacturing Benefits

GPS location  – Fleet management and tracking, asset management and tracking. Know where your assets are in real time and where they have been.

Temperature probes – measure the temperature of a space or machine.

CO2 – to measure carbon Dioxide Gas inside a building for health and safety

Electrical current – to measure if there is current or not and at what voltage – ie to know if something is being powered or not.

Motion – to automatically turn on and off lights, open doors etc

Vibration – attached to a motor to know whether the motor is running or not. i.e a remote generator on a crucial site etc

Fisheries Benefits

Water measurements – measure the water temperature, oxygen levels, pH levels, sludge, turbidity for precise fish farm management in order to provide the ultimate growing conditions or to alert to critical water conditions.

Logistics – GPS track produce from harvest to store whilst monitoring the temperature of the product throughout transportation. Measure the temperature of the cool store, refrigerated truck etc

Fleet management – Track assets such as your fleet of vessels and equipment.

Agricultural Benefits

Agriculture – monitor the soil temperatures, moisture and irrigation management to increase production and reduce water waste.

Livestock monitoring – movement and temperature – assists in identifying sick animals, detecting “on-heat” livestock such as dairy cows and when they are about to give birth.

GPS location – Asset management and tracking. Know where your assets are in real time and where they have been.

Security – IOT passive infrared sensors for intruder detection

Green house monitoring – monitor the temperature, humidity, light levels, water consumption, soil moisture inside a green house to provide the optimal growing environment.

Healthcare Benefits

Asset Tracking – track critical infrastructure in a Hospital or rest home. Know where key items are at any point in time.

Fall sensors – detect if a patient has taken a fall, motion sensors to automatically turn lights on and off.

Waste Management Benefits

Distance measurement

Bins and storage containment – knowing how full or how empty something is so that you know if it needs emptying or topping up.

Transport Benefits

Sensors – measure if a space is clear or obstructed i.e is this car park empty or available, and where in the carpark spaces are available.
Fleet management – track vehicles and predict their time of arrival.
Weight management – Sensors to detect the weight of a trucks load.
Geo-Fence vehicles – receive alerts if a vehicle travels outside of its allowed area.

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