Wireless Networks

Wireless installs and cabling can be expensive. If not done right the first time, it can be costly to install new or move existing access points throughout your premises, limiting poor or no coverage in certain areas.

Teltrac can design, physical installation, and post-installation verification of Wireless LAN networks. We have experience deploying extensive wireless solutions in large offices, hospitality venues, warehouse spaces, manufacturing spaces, parks and outdoor areas. We also undertake large multiple site deployments.

Teltrac have the software, tools and experience in data cabling design. This enables us to advise of the optimal placement of wireless access points from a coverage and cost savings viewpoint, whilst also taking into consideration locations which may or may not be possible to install to from a cabling viewpoint.

Whether customers require an end-to-end solution or simply require expertise in design and installation, we have the ability and know how to advise.

All technicians are site safe accredited and proficient at working at heights to ensure jobs are done with safety in mind.

Wireless Implementation Suppliers

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