3D photographic scanning is used to create realistic walkthrough tours of commercial sites.

This is perfect for business customer with large or multiple sites where they currently have to travel to them to scope out the layout or the infrastructure. We can measure off the walk-through, allowing us to often quote new cabling without visiting the site to scope it out.

The applications are almost unlimited, with uses from marketing and merchandising to IT, security, customer partners and real estate.

On new construction projects, we can scan at pre-wire and also at completion. The customer or customer’s partners can go back through the walkthrough to see where and what infrastructure and building materials were used, where they were installed and how.

Most importantly, this gives anyone requiring access the ability to view the site remotely.

From an infrastructure viewpoint Teltrac have the required knowledge of what customers need to be able to see from their scan and further confirm these key areas with the client prior to scanning. We understand the infrastructure of a building and are not just photographers.

We are Site Safe accredited.

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