Scenic Hotel Group Adopt iPECS Solutions

Atlas Gentech, distributor of Ericsson-LG Enterprise in New Zealand, installed iPECS-LIK systems at Scenic Hotel Group (SHG), operating 17 hotels throughout New Zealand and Tonga as communications systems. Ericsson-LG Enterprise iPECS-LIK solution implemented across all hotels in the group & for the head office . Key components include iPECS attendant, SIP trunking, Fidelio integration and iPECS CCS for the Reservations & Customer Care team at head office.

SHG operated legacy Nortel Meridian phone systems at many of their hotels. While these had proven reliable and suited to the hotel industry in the past, replacement parts, upgrades, support and licencing costs had become a major hurdle.  Hotels can have a large number of extensions, many rarely used and generating little or no income.  SHG needed to replace its aging PABXs with modern, hospitality proven, low cost of ownership solutions. The new solution needed to be easy to use, work with existing room phones, run over existing wiring and interface into our Property Management System.  The guest room phones are all analogue, with many only having 2-wire cable running to them.  Support for legacy wiring and handsets was an absolute must.

As one of new Zealand’s leading hospitality brands SHG have high levels of expectation and customer service, The proven track record of Ericsson-LG Enterprise GDK & IPLDK products provided confidence in Ericsson-LG Enterprise & The capabilities of the solution aided the group to enhance their services to guests.  The modular nature of the system allows for easy maintenance when combined with iPECS native web admin & NMS.

Additionally, SHG get the advantages from Ericsson-LG Enterprise solutions like a better TCO, more cost effective trunking, Ease of management through NMS. Improvements in call handling and reporting for the contact centre.

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