St George Hospital Reception

St George Hospital, Christchurch

As the new St Georges Hospital buildings were rebuilt after the Christchurch earthquakes, the mobile signal was very weak to non-existent within these buildings. The construction materials like steel, concrete and glass made it extremely difficult for a mobile signal to penetrate.

We performed a site audit measuring signal level strengths throughout the new buildings. This confirmed the connection issues users were reporting.

The Hospital project was the first major site in New Zealand to have this particular solution boosting the coverage of all three carriers within the same space. Much thought went into the design to ensure that there was no interference between the carriers and that all spaces had adequate coverage.

As soon as we had installed the solution, the hospital noticed an instant improvement in the mobile coverage for all three carriers across all target coverage areas. Patients and their visitors were able to communicate with loved ones and use their devices for entertainment during their stay, whilst the staff at the hospital were able to carry out their jobs safely and effectively.

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