Oxford Apartments

Oxford Apartments

Oxford apartments, Christchurch

Client: Oxford apartments

Services Supplied:
Structured Cabling

  • Redefining Connectivity: The first step was to remove all pre-existing cabling, which had been damaged by the earthquake. It was essential to start afresh, laying down the technological groundwork for a new era of connectivity.
  • Advanced Solutions: Next, they implemented a new MATV solution and installed fresh fibre cabling within common risers. Structured cabling within the apartments was also renewed, ensuring a seamless flow of data and entertainment.
  • Specialist Installations: Each apartment received custom AV cabling, setting the stage for Specialist AV Installers to outfit each living space with premium audio-visual systems.
  • Automation at Its Best: Perhaps the crowning feature of Teltrac’s work was the fully automated KNX Building control solution installed in each apartment. This system puts control of lighting, HVAC, blinds, and external louvres at the residents’ fingertips, operable from an intuitive touch panel or remotely via a mobile application.
  • For a glimpse into the future of apartment living, visit Oxford Apartments’ website.

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