Access Control

Access Control

If you’re looking for a safer more secure workspace, to reduce access and to combat theft. Teltrac Access Control solutions will you help to achieve this.

Access control is a security mechanism which controls physical access to a building or area. It is often integrated with BMS, CCTV, and various other building infrastructure. Every access is logged, enabling muster reports which allows you to see who is inside the building or on premise at any time. This is particularly helpful in the event of emergency.

Our access solutions enable you to be able to provide remote access to a building or an area to let people in i.e contractors without having to be onsite.

We can integrate with building management systems to order to turn of lighting or heating in unoccupied areas.

Teltrac offer a high level of service and support. We don’t influence customers based on what we want to sell them. We work with them in a consultative manner to create tailored solutions.