Rittal and Teltrac: Partners in Micro Data Centre Solution

Rittal, a German provider of industrial enclosure systems, has been a key player in the global market for decades. They have established a reputation for delivering high-quality products and services in various sectors. This includes electrical engineering and automation, information technology, and infrastructure, to name a few. Teltrac has been working with Rittal for a number of years, delivering innovative solutions to clients across various industries. One of the latest projects that Rittal and Teltrac collaborated on is the creation of a micro data centre for Airways New Zealand.

About the micro data centre

The micro data centre is a self-contained data centre within a cabinet. It measures 2.1 meters high by 800 wide by a meter deep. The cabinet is packed with sensors, smoke detectors, temperature and humidity controls, air conditioning, and access control. As a result, making it a complex and efficient piece of technology. The built-in air conditioning system recycles hot air and drains condensation to maintain a safe and consistent environment for the data stored inside.

Brian Theobald, Teltrac Director, assembled the micro data centre in an IT rack from Rittal ANZ in Teltrac’s warehouse. The completed unit is now undergoing extensive testing prior to installation in Nepal . The micro data centre’s compact size and self-contained design make it ideal for various applications, including aviation and transportation systems. Brian did gallantly ask if they needed a hand on the installation but no international travel on this one!

Airways International Ltd, a New Zealand-based company. Has signed a contract with the Civil Aviation Academy (CAA) of Nepal to deliver a TotalControl tower and surveillance simulation solution for Nepalese air traffic controllers. The micro data centre that Rittal and Teltrac created is a component of this project. This ensures the safe and efficient storage of critical data.

In conclusion, Rittal and Teltrac’s collaboration on the micro data centre project for Airways New Zealand is an excellent example of how technology can help industries work smarter and more efficiently. With Rittal’s high-quality products and services, and Teltrac’s experience and expertise, clients can be confident that their data storage needs are in good hands. Teltrac is proud to have been asked to work on this project. As technology continues to evolve and expand, partnerships like Rittal’s and Teltrac’s will undoubtedly play an essential role in shaping the future of various industries.

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Bart Brichau

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