10 Reasons to Consider a Fog Cannon for your Business

As businesses continue to invest in physical security measures, the use of fog cannons has become increasingly popular. A fog cannon is a security system that releases a dense, harmless fog in response to an intrusion or a threat. The fog quickly fills the area, reducing visibility and disorienting potential intruders. In this blog post, … Read more

Converging Communication Networks – Emerging Cabling Considerations

While IT managers tend to function mostly in real time – meeting evolving needs and handling crises – they also worry about the future of their networks. Their jobs are to anticipate, meet, and (hopefully) exceed business needs and objectives to the satisfaction of everyone from managers and internal end users to external customers, partners and … Read more

What is an Intelligent Infrastructure Solution?

Successful businesses must be able to depend on IT infrastructure that’s fast, flexible and able to adapt quickly to fast-changing market trends in our 24-hour world. At the same time, these businesses must also minimize expensive downtime. Considering that almost a third of downtime can be attributed to human error, a better-managed network should display … Read more

Finding the Weak Link in your Cabling

It’s a commonly known fact in the cabling industry that patch cords can be the “weak link” in any end-to-end infrastructure solution. Like anything in life, weak links need to be repaired in order for any solution to work effectively. Historically, many businesses focused on the cable performance when making decisions on infrastructure. However, as … Read more

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