Doing our bit for the environment

Teltrac is committed to working sustainably where possible. This includes travel carbon credits, utilising a paperless job management system, using compostable café and catering supplies and the environmental recycling of electronic equipment with RemarkIt.

When working on any job, we ensure that the environmental recycling of electronic equipment and other recyclable items such as cardboard and data cabling is completed where possible. This starts with our design services to ensure we accurately measure installed infrastructure to result in minimised waste. 

Every job is allocated a Project Manager; their responsibility is to ensure we’re minimising waste and environmental impact along with using technology to minimise paper waste. Any excess wastage is recycled in the appropriate manner either on site, at our premises, or through a third party recycling partner.

Teltrac is proud to be partnered with The Project Crimson Trust to fund native trees for planting through their project Trees That Count. 

Trees That Count’s community marketplace helps increase native tree planting in New Zealand by providing funders with an easy way to support planting groups throughout the country. More native trees in the ground means greater biodiversity, cleaner waterways, thriving industries and stronger communities.

We pledge to fund trees regularly for planting throughout New Zealand. The trees will be planted in the same regions as our company branches. 

We are excited to be involved with this project and look forward to regularly funding native trees for planting. Keep up to date on how many trees we have planted by checking out the Tree Leaderboard.